Sports Photography

When milliseconds matter, win with Close Capture Images

There's no 1 in team-but there's also no such thing as a little player. The running back is just as essential as the defensive back that cleared the way in the first place, the point guard as the center and the goal keeper as the striker.

Close Capture Images snaps big images of every player, no matter what the playing field is. From team poses to action shots, Close Capture Images has your season covered in megapixels.

As a photography company that has covered fast action events like Formula 1 racing, we are technically proficient at getting the best out of the equipment we use. We also know that sports is not about technical proficiency, it is about raw emotion.

This is what we capture hours of practice and dedication of the sportsperson. Whether you are a team manager, coach, director, or parent, Close Capture Images can work to help capture the quickest, most fleeting memories of the season.

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